UR International Group

Ur International Group

At Ur International Group we don’t track users or sell their personal data for financial gain.

The Social Media Where Kindness Connects

ur point

Ur Point

Ur International Group’s main product is the ‘be kind’ social media platform Ur Point. www.ur-point.com

Ur Point is an online community platform that encourages wellness and kindness within the digital space. Ur Point users can keep their community updated on their lives by posting on Ur Wall. Or, they can connect with like-minded individuals in Ur Groups.

Ur Point encourages members to build a positive relationship with social media. Members will be able to add 5 of their most trusted contacts to their Circle of 5 so that they can easily reach out in times of need. 

They will also be able to add important documents and precious memories to their personal vault.

About us

Ur International Group is the parent company of several subsidiaries that fall under the “Ur” banner.

Ur International Group’s main focus is the creation of a new type of social media platform that does not track users or sell their personal data for financial gain.

Additionally, we have set ourselves the goal of achieving a harmonious social media experience for our members where bullying, trolling, racism, and other antisocial behaviour is totally eradicated.

Through the use of intelligent software bots, and greater user-control, we are striving to ensure that people cannot post anything that is intended to cause offence or hurt.
For anything that slips the net, we give our members more control than any other provider to delete, block, and report anything that has caused offence.